A downloadable game

CodEvo is a project I started as a small game to test myself, but soon enough, I felt this could potentially be a nice game. It's still very early in the development but bear with me, I have lots of ideas, and hope to launch an alpha soon enough (maybe 3-4 months from now).

Sprites are not by me, nor will be the music, I'm only the developper and project manager. Credit goes to aktraizer and lucyna for the sprites, and studiopandaparis for the music.

When this game will be ready, you may download it here to play it DRM free, or purchase it on steam to have additional features provided by the steam platfrom.

Current features :

- a console, to write code in, that will be run in the game(for, while and repeat loops, if/elseif/else conditions and commands to make shit happen in the game !)

- movement of the player, with animations, levels generator (not procedural, but a level editor will be available to make new campains beside the original one)

- Enemies (with according animations)

Planned features :

- Add more commands to the game

- Level design

- Level editor

- Game menu

- Bosses

- and more !

Development log