Some news (2017-05-26)

The developpment has slowed down quite a bit, but it's for the better. I haven't added many new features, just an enemy and implemented its pathfinding algorithm. It has dawned on me that my current code needs some refactoring to be more productive later on. The way the files are arranged is a problem, as it allows for a user to directly edit enemies and player stats without even playing the game. Saving and loading should be implemented soon, as will be console commands (for now the parser only work for "cls" which clears the console input).

Sprites are going strong though, and whenever those are good, I'll do some level design. I also am working on the story, and the NPCs it needs, and since it's gonna have more than one ending, it takes some time. I'll also add some layering to my grid entities, this way it'll make a prettier game with some new graphical effects.

That's it for now !

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